DIY Ribbon Holder

Submitted to Community Chat

I really need a ribbon holder to hold my ribbon! After looking at them online, It looked like I could try and make it myself.
I had some left over wood in the garage. All you need is one piece for the back, mine is 21" long x 7 1/2" wide. Then you need 2 sides, mine is: 4 1/4" x 7 1/2".

Once the 3 pieces were cut, I put them on each side, so I could figure out the next step. I used 1/2" dowels (only because I already had them on hand), put one ribbon on to judge where I want the holes. I did this for the second row also. But I didn't make them the same as the first row because I wanted to allow for different ribbon. After I marked where I wanted both rows, I clamped them together to make my holes. This is a good way to do so they are align up with each other. Then I made the second row the same way.
I used wood glue to glue on the sides, and let dry a few hours, then I screwed them on in the back. Only 2 screws on each side.
I then painted it white with Rustoleum 2x. Then I put on the wall....and it's done! Free, Fun, Much needed!