can i just sharpie everything?

Hi there.This may sound kind of odd to ask but i was wondering If i wanted to use a Sharpie or black paint marker  to draw on multiple surfaces like walls,floors.cabinets,counter tops sinks,cement etc ( best example i can think of is room completely covered from drawing with a sharpie/paint marker,kind of like a  big doodle or adult coloring book design and its drawn onto every inch in a room even the floors) Can this be done? If so, is there a base paint that would be best to apply before drawing on top of it? Secondly, once im done whats the best way to seal it all (preferably waterproof  and  durable enough for a high traffic areas) so it wont fade, smear or rub off? And last, would it really  make much of a difference if a  paint marker vs sharpie was used? Id prefer sharpie because of the variety of tip sizes it has over the paint markers but i am not sure how it would hold up when comparing the two. I know you said your an expert in concrete sealers so maybe this isn't the right questions to be asking however some things im referring to are concrete as well as tile floors so i thought id give it a shot. Thanks.