Thanks for lighting a fire under my bootie, because I found the time to try my new hobby! <3

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So many wonderful rustamily commented on my post in DIY that I felt like I owed it to everyone to find the time to give the resin jewely making a try.  I read the directions and went for it (okay, I'm not going to lie, I had NO idea what I was doing and made quite the mess!).  I did get my first batch of charms made, though.

I bought some small black crystals, small sets of little gears, some small keys, and hearts, as well as little flower cut outs and some greenery.  I used all of those in my first attempt in various ones to make 12 and then a few in my new jewel mold.

I have a lot to learn and work little bubbles and getting the items to not all clump in their settleing, but it was fun and I look forward to working with more glitter ! little metal parts, crystals, and adding fabric and maybe even dried flowers....though I think that might be pushing it.

Here are some pics of my first attempt below!

Thanks for all of the support! It means the world to me!!