There are Great People in the World

Submitted to Community Chat

When I put in my submission for my DIY New Year's Resolutions of things I wanted to do this year to make improvements to my home, I talked about how long it takes me to get things done because of my physical disabilities, and I had just found out that I have to have another surgery as soon as they can get it scheduled. This is number 10 in 11 years I believe and I keep thinking I'm done, but...

Anyway, Lana responded saying I had a positive attitude, lol, (funny to those who have to live with me) and she was sorry for what I was going thru and she would say a prayer for me. Not 24 hours later, these beautiful flowers were delivered to my door, which in itself is odd because nobody ever sends flowers, but when I read the card I just stopped and cried. They were from Lana and all the kind people at Rustoleum! How many people and companies do you know of that do things like that? Certainly none that I know of! It just validates AGAIN how proud I am to be affiliated with Lana, Lisa, Rustoleum and Creators Studio.

My heart is happy today~thank you!