Street Football

Submitted to Community Chat

We live on a dead-end private road in rural San Diego County. The neighborhood kids are frequently on the street playing football or soccer and often arguing about yardage, distance, or goals.

With "free education" in california (lower cased out of a lack of respect), our educational system is often operating in a deficit. The agreement my Wife, a credentialed multi-subject (grammar school) teacher with specializations in math and reading, is that the money she earns by working weekends at the San Diego Zoo’s Safari Park (Wild Animal Park of old) she gets to spend on her classroom and students. We cannot consider these acquisitions as donations for taxes since she keeps them in her classroom and the school does not control them.

Along the way we have repainted the lines in the parking lot every three or four years for four times now since the district has no money. The Disabled spaces get painted about every two years – two gallons of blue Rust-Oleum Parking Lot Paint and leftover white. Rust-Oleum Parking Lot Paint in red – two gallons, white – three gallons and we ignore the yellow since it is about thirty linear feet six inches wide. Always leftovers and they are the start of the next repair cycle. The school does give us a letter of acknowledgement for these donations but when you do not itemize any more, it is of no use or value.

So the neighborhood kids are arguing about yardage, distance, and goals. And I have leftover white Rust-Oleum Parking Lot Paint. Measured out for markers at 0, 25 feet, 50 feet, 25 feet, and 0. They finally came up with the traffic cones / sticks to keep the roll-overs off of it till it dries, it is not a weekend or holiday so the kids are not playing in the street, the weather is only 73 degrees at 11:00 AM, and we are dry. So the markers got free-hand painted.

FYI – The neighborhood is Chicago Bears fans, Green Bay Packers fans, Dallas Cowboy fans, and Arizona Cardinal fans. One raider fan. For some reason, no l.a. chargers fans. (Again, lower cased out of a lack of respect.)