New Table Legs

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We have this 45 year old dining table and one of the original legs broke, the originals were turned legs in an X shape - very nice quality woodworking. So instead of throwing the table out, or trying to find someone to repair it (at great expense), I took some 2x6's that I had and made new legs.

I ripped the rounded edges off the boards with my table saw and then cut them down the middle so that I had two 2 1/2 inch wide boards. I then glued them together to make 2 1/2 x 3 boards. I took inspiration from a design by @rogueengineer, with just a few changes. I added the side braces by cutting them at 31 degree angles which covered to screws that I used for the cross braces. The bottom board is a 2x4 with 2x6 pads nailed into them. Instead of using butt joints to attach the legs, I cut dado's into the bottoms for a tighter fit. I also cut dado's into the cross braces for the stretcher to sit in. Then screwed it all together with Spax 3 inch screws.

I took the old leg to my local big box store and matched up a stain as close as I possibly could and used 2 coats of Varathane triple thick poly to finish it. 

So for the cost of a few 2x6's and some stain and poly, we have a brand new looking table