Marbling Medium - Part 2

Submitted to Community Chat

Second trial with left over marbling paint supplies. Reading about everyone’s amazing projects and differences in subject matter, results and applications was very enlightening.

I had black premixed in a tsa bottle ready to go- mixed up new orange brown and white testors. Followed the example of Mother Daughter Projects post and did not dilute the gold paint.

My subject matter this time was a fabric covered mini photo album, two pumpkins and a rock. I masked off part of the album at the ribbon accent dividing stripe. Primed each item with black and begain marbling.

Very interesting results this time with the undiluted gold it has a feathery amoeba algae look perhaps a combination of the fabric texture and the gold unthinned. 

The two pumpkins cane out similar to previous example and the rock may have been too small to really show a great example of the effect. This time the gold did not sink in a puddle of marbling.

 I hit the album project paint surface with my embossing heat gun and immediately removed the blue tape sucessfully as the project was completed -not allowing for the 24h dry time. This interesting effect might be next applied to a journal, notebook, canvas binder or clipboard.


Part the challenge for me with using this product is finding the perfect recipent of the magical but somewhat unpredictable marbling effect.