This took engineering!

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I realized something about myself on this project. I like engineering and figuring out problems. My son wanted me to build him a computer desk for his new apartment. He likes clean lines and funtion above pretty and reclaimed wood (which is my favorite). So with this project I moved away from what I usually like to do.

His requests besides specific dimensions were: and "L" shaped desk, a shelf for his CPU (his baby),and no legs to get in the way.  I wasn't sure about the design but got to work. I think I was able to meet all his requests. The main challenge was how to build the desk so the wing of the "L" could be removed to move up the narrow stairs into his apartment.

I built the desk in two parts. The large desk and the small three legged wing. I was able to connect the two pieces using a removable pin hinge under the two pieces and then added a hinged bridge along the stretchers to hold the two parts together. I am proud of the engineering and when the two parts are together it is tight and strong and feels like one solid piece of furniture.

When I completed the desk and was ready to add my favorite part of the project.... the finish stain and/or paint, my son's comment was..."Mom, I don't want it changed, I like it just the way it is. Oh, well! I got out my can of Varathane satin poly and it was done!

Just added a couple more pictures.  I hate cords! Now I need to figure out a way to hide them!