Water & 2x Paint

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Tried something l had seen done on Cars, So you know me, I had to try it myself, and I Love the way it turned out, It’s a little hard to tell by the picture, but it’s the best picture I could get.
My Son made this Batman Symbol and gave it to me,
What I did was,
I started off by painting it with 2x Gold and let the Gold dry completely, then laid it flat, took a spray bottle of water and lightly sprayed it until the beads of water was the size I wanted, Then while still wet with the beads of water, I sprayed it with 2x Gloss Black and then just walked away, Then had to wait until the water evaporated and the paint to dried, I think it turned out great!!
Like I said, it’s kinda hard to tell by the picture, So you’ll just have to give it a try for yaself.