Chicago White Sox Plaque

Submitted to Community Chat

We have an integrated married. My Wife is a Chicago White Sox fan and I am a Cubbies fan. Both of us are from the south side of Chicago. The White Sox gave her free tickets for grammar school attendance. The Cubbies had better commercials and I never got free tickets. We have been to numerous White Sox games and I have never been to a Cubs game in Chicago but have seen them in numerous other parks around the nation.

So, for our forty-fifth wedding anniversary I decided to make a hanging plaque for the White Sox. All recycled / repurposed wood. All the letters were stencilled outlined then hand painted. The symbols are hand painted from the outset.

(I did not tell her that I am also making one for the Cubbies.)

White Sox fans are bought and paid for. Cubbie fans are born and bred.