3 Tier Collapsible Dessert Stand

Submitted to Community Chat

Found this collapsible dessert stand at a consignment shop. I thought it would make a cute plant stand or night table for a small area.

I painted it with crimson chalk paint Then I made some stencils out of watercolor paper. I put the stencils in place, then spray them with 2X Coral Gloss. Then I used paper plates to cover the stencils in place and I slightly sprayed the stand in Nantucket matte Blue a premium 2 X Ultra.

I really like how it turned out. It’s like the Butterflies and lace submission, the gloss on the flat.


The dessert stand ended up being a Valet to the Red Chest. Very functional and looks pretty  too!:)

2X premium ultra matte in Nantucket Blue

2X Ultra cover in coral

Chalked in crimson