Crate Coffee Table

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Now that my hand has healed, I'm back to finishing my screened porch projects.  Whenever I have larger pieces of 1 or 2 by's left, I rip them into strips to use for crates (you can never have too many and some I sell).  I decided to make this crate coffee table after seeing one on Pinterest; but I wanted to use a lot of my scrap wood to clear out some of it (I have way too much).

I started by making 4 crates and then took some of the 1x3 and 1x4 pieces I had left from other screened porch projects.  Miraculously, I had just enough to make the top - I joined them with pocket holes and then trimmed all the edges to a square.  I had to use some smaller boards in the middle, but it created the center pocket - I trimmed those and then cut some mitered edge pieces.  I added a bottom piece so I could place a plant inside.

Harbor Freight always has good deals on their small dollies and the combined wheels hold up to a thousand pounds, so I always get them with a coupon (separately wheels are getting really expensive).  I took the wheels off - and will use the wood pieces as more scrap, naturally.  After bracing the bottom, I added the wheels.  A final spray painting with Rustoleum Vintage teal and stain for the top; and it was done.

I made the coasters by sandwiching a thin (leftover) piece of plywood between two pieces of thin cork and painting a cup of coffee onto it.  My husband's new favorite place to drink his morning coffee is on the screened porch, but I didn't want his hot cups directly on my new table tops.  My daughter saw them and wants some with dogs, so I guess she'll be getting some for Christmas.