Great Results with Rust-Oleum Rust Dissolver Gel

Submitted to Community Chat

I finally finished my BBQ restoration (after being interrupted by a trip to Arizona to help my sister move).  I removed the rust easily using the Rustoleum Rust Dissolver Gel (There is a featured article on the main page covering that process).  I painted it with Rustoleum Specialty High Heat spray paint in black.  It looked good, but I decided I wanted a little more color to it and couldn't find any colors in the same paint locally; so I went to the auto store and bought some engine paint that also withstands high heat.  I found a nice red (Ford Red) and a silverish (Cast Iron).

 I repainted the emblem using Rustoleum Forged Hammer and Oil Rubbed Bronze.  I sprayed a little from each into a plastic lid and used a paint brush.

I am so happy with our BBQ, it looks better than it did when we bought it.  Thanks again Rustoleum for including me in the trial for Rustoleum Rust Dissolver Gel; it motivated me to clean our BBQ and repaint it.