DI(W)Y - Doing it with Youth

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I was helping my son-in-law work on his mother's house. Our area had over 5 1/2 inches of rain in less than 36 hours in July 2015. Annually we run 9-11 inches. She told my Wife "I have 4-6" inches of mud at my front door." My Wife said "Wow." Then she said, "Yes, that is where it LEFT the house." There was mud up to 36" in some spots on the back wall of the house, over 24" high across the entire back of the house. Due to the fact that flood insurance does not cover it and she lost her husband about two years earlier, the bills and restoration are a bit steep. So a lot of it is son-in-law, my Daughter, and me while she watches the Granddaughter.

Today we were putting drawer pulls on the new kitchen, bath, and laundry room drawers. Nineteen month old Granddaughter decided to help. Actually pretty good at it. With the short screwdriver she managed to get on the screws pretty well. Turning was a challenge but she has a good start on it.

At the table she was sorting the long and short screws out and tryng to figure out how to put a screw in the drawer pulls on the table. Fun time.

We mounted 22 drawer pulls today using placement templates out of scrap wood. Final measurement was no pull is more than 1/16" off position. Not bad. Later this week we need to put about 14 pull knobs on cabinet doors.