Kitchen counter using left over Dark Glaze

Submitted to Community Chat

I had the idea to spruce up my already painted kitchen countets so they were a grey color so i gave them a quick light white painting. Had some Rust-Oleum decorative glaze so using baggies and a paint brush lent this unexpected look. First applying the glave with an up and down  movementusing a brush but leaving som white peeking through. I applyed it rather liberally so there was some areas with more paint some with less paint. Now comes the fun part I used some fold type baggies put on as a glove and wiggled it and swayed it wiping off glaze ,playing with it until I achieved the look I was going for.
.when all was dry I applied a topcoat 2xs so far so good! This application isnt for everyone but we are liking the heke out of it.