Creator's Studio Update

Submitted to Community Chat

Hi there Creator's Studio members! You'll soon be noticing things looking a tiny bit different here in the community. We’re making some updates to how content is displayed to make sure that at a glance, you see a good balance of activities, challenges, blog posts and contributions from fellow members.

Some of you may already have your settings to reflect this new view (which is great!). For those of you still using our "classic" view, you can get a head start on this transition by accessing your own personal setting, and setting your home page style to "New". (Photo 1)

We will be making the permanent switch to "New View' on February 12.

In this layout, the main page view will be split into three columns. The column on the left represents the menu, the middle column displays content in a scrolling style, and the column on the right showcases featured activities and challenges. (Photo 2)

You'll be able to change the order of how content in the middle column is displayed by using the drop-down on the top right-hand side. Selecting “Top” arranges content based on popularity. Alternatively, selecting “New” arranges the content in chronological order. (Photo 3)

If at any time you’re looking at “things to do” in our community, you can find that in the primary navigation bar - simply click on the clipboard icon. (Photo 4) 

We hope you enjoy the new view! If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with me, @Lisa L 😊