House Number Refinish / Varathane 1st Try

Submitted to Community Chat

I wanted to repaint our house numbers before I put them back up. I had a test can of the Rustoleum Oil Rubbed Bronze that I knew would be perfect! I wanted to mount the numbers on a piece of wood, just enough to add a little dimension. I used a small rectangle scrap of plywood, but wanted it a bit darker and weathered looking. I used the Varathane Weathered Wood Accelerator and got the result I wanted!

A very light sanding, and then I applied the Accelerator with a sponge brush, and that was it - done. I did read on the can that you can wipe it off for less of the effect, but I didn't need to for this piece. The wood turned a little darker and has a nice, subtle grey tone. I wanted it behind the numbers to make them stand out more, and think it will have the look I was going for. And I LOVE the Oil Rubbed Bronze paint, beautiful color!