Waterfall dresser

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UPDATE: Well, it's done! I ended up hydrodipping the drawer fronts, just because you don't see that much and I have a small hydrodipping addiction🤭 Overall, I'm satisfied with how it came out but not overly excited. The original drawer pulls I ordered on ebay to replace the missing pair, are yet to be here and I'm kind of regretting buying them. For the money I paid for 2 of the original pulls, I could have bought 8 all new pulls! Can't complain much, the dresser was free- straight from the curbside trash and it gave me some more experience working on larger pieces than I'm used to.

I'm looking for some advice/opinions on what to do with this dresser. My neighbor put this out for trash and I quickly grabbed it up! It's missing the bottom drawer pulls but I found a
pair on ebay so I ordered them. As usual, I get started doing a project and don't really know for sure what I'm doing with it...It's going in my bedroom, which is a shabby chic, mostly white decorated room so I knew I wanted mostly white on the dresser. I started 2 of the drawers and pulls, which I like but I'm not sure if I should paint the ENTIRE dresser white or leave what I have marked red in the last pic as is and not paint it? Paint the top or leave it natural? Any suggestions are welcome!