Moxon Vise & Bench Top Bench

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This is my version of a Moxon Vise on a Bench Top Bench. I made this to raise work when practicing hand cut dovetails. Alot more practice is needed. :) I have attached a doc file that was part of my insperation as well as an article from Fine Wood Working, ( I don't think I can post the article). Benchcrafte makes a hardware kit you can buy that looks great.  However I did not use there hardware. I had a couple of dumb bells from a weight set that was collecting dust so I used that for hardware and set the 2 spin nuts in scrape Maple. The top is a piece is 100 year old Wallnut from a barn that was gifted to me. The rest is Pecan which was in the shop for the past year. I attache the Moxon/Bench to my work bench with two clamps in the front and two hold fast in the back. I have 16 1/4" between the 15/16" Acme rod (dumb bells) and can be adjusted to hold 6 1/2 " wide projects. I got carried away with the 3/4" dog holes. I do not think I will have to drill any more. I glued a piece of  3/32" automotive gasket material to the front claw and it grabs and holds great. I have about $55 in this project which includes a 15/!6" bit I bought. I made this portable so I can mount it on a table or another bench. So if you need a small vise/bench this might be for you.

You can buy dumb bells with 2 spinners nuts at Wallmart for $7 each (need 3 dumb bells).

I added the lambs tongue in Dec. for preperation of a hand cut dovtail class I am taking.  I just fliped the claw an hand cut the lambs tongue. My first one.