Third try creepy kids

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Three tries at altering enhancing this free 8x10 reprinted photo image.
Unhappy with version 1+2 so they were sanded scraped away and photo was remounted on a 99 cent goodwill frames backer mat board.

This time instead of using texture paste -used paintable white caulk to level the photo mount edge-used to make crusty background. The background repainted. New pumpkin heads painted over scrubbed #2 that rereleased menacing originals.

The glued photo mount came out with some bubbling and wrinkling so that was corrected by an exacto knife edge cutting of the pumpkin heads. Small piece of fun foam placed beneath heads for slight elevation. Reglued and repainted sealed edges. 
Secondhand frame sprayed with 2x satin black.
Photo and frame separately edges spatter sprayed with 2x london gray. Creepy kids sprayed with chalked matte sealer. Interesting contrast with the sheen effect of london gray spatter with matte sealer.
Some faux webbing applied.
Not sure- should the background be darker?
Might make more beaded spiders, apply better webs- if I decide to keep it. 
Not sure the third try was successful salvage project.