We Have A Thief!!!

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Looks like mean ol' Mr Grinch has been at it stealing our Christmas lights!!!

This was my BIG Christmas project of 2016!  I enjoyed doing this one, but I'm not lying....he stressed me out!

I started off with a large 3/4" thick piece of plywood.  Once I had a rough sketch of Grinch drawn out, I passed the board off to my live-in wood guy, and he cut out the shape and sanded everything for me.  I then drew in the details and from there I applied a couple coats of a white primer, when dry I painted the main shapes.  Next came the detailing....and when everything was good and dry, I applied 2 coats of Rust-Oleum's sealer on the top side, and 1 on the back side.  Back to the wood guy it went, and he drilled a hole for a plastic-coated wire rope to go through that would be secured to the tree (so no little thieves could steal my Grinch); and secured an extra-large stake to the backside.  I did a few touch-ups to cover up the screw holes and the drilled hole, and then sealed over those.  Last of all, I popped in a couple of hooks for the Grinch to hold my lights in his greedy little hands.  Mean ol' Mr Grinch then made his debut in our front yard.

I've got to admit he was a bit of a booger to accomplish, but I'm proud as punch now that he's done!!!

* I printed out a couple of similar Grinches that I found online to get my inspiration from.