New Mother daughter Christmas Tradition

Submitted to Community Café

This past Christmas was so difficult for me to feel the holiday spirit or want to decorate the house with my holiday decor definitely wasn’t spreading any kind of holiday cheer. But this year my daughter and I started a new tradition of a Christmas craft project, her a diy ornament that we will make each year and she also chose a paint your own Christmas canvas too! Me I had acquired a wreath for 50 cents at a yard sale over the summer that just had working lights (kind of had to use my light saver pro to fix a handful of bulbs) and in case it’s not a know thing my trend is my seasonal or holiday themed window for my apartment building as I take a lot of pride in my window decor for each season so that all my neighbors can enjoy the holidays even if it’s modified to a big multi unit apartment building with no actual outdoor space of our own to do traditional decor! This was our first Christmas craft year and here’s what we made! Do any other creators have crafting traditions or projects they do with there family holiday or not? As I would like to involve my daughter in more of my projects either together or have more creator projects she can take on that can be used as more then just a kid made momentum kind of item!!!