Chevy Sonic GPS Mount

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California has few logical laws and the locations and mounting of GPS systems in cars is one of them. If attached to the windshield the GPS must be in the lower left or lower right corner within four inches or six inches of the lower corner and cannot obstruct the driver's vision. So that takes control away from the other side of the car.

We dropped OnStar - simply too much $$$ for too little value and I bought my Wife a Garmin GPS at CostCo. So, between our cars we have four Garmin GPS systems up and operating. However, trying to mount it somewhere in consideration of the law and access by both the driver and the passenger is a problem. (Even though we see systems mounted illegally every day, we know we would be made the $271 example.)

The Garmin supplied suction cup would not stick anywhere so, after a bit of thought, off to the shop with sheetmetal and the welding torch. It is now anchored in the little dash detent visible to both sides of the front seat and it easily lifts out if you need to handle it and drops right back in. In place it is hardly a visual obstruction. The lead photo is taken from shoulder height. The mount is painted Rust-Oleum flat black so it does not reflect. And, if needed, the entire mount simply lifts out of the dashboard detent.

Test drive went well.

I love their voice command system.

(California law also states that smartphones in use must be attached to the dashboard or windshield with mounting limitations stated similar to GPS systems - totally hands free. Kind of illogical since my flip phone is not classified as a smartphone by the law. However, it links with Bluetooth to the GPS nicely.)