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It's almost Valentine's day thought I would share what Cheryl surprised me with last year.
We make a lot of plaques and sometimes I don't really pay attention to who or where the orders are going, I just follow the instructions Cheryl has laid out as to stain and finish (that's my job). So when this project came along, I didn't give it much thought and finished it up with a weathered gray frame and a dark blue center panel, trucked it over to the studio for her to paint. a couple days later it's back to me for final finish, I finish it up and get it back to her for shipping and that's it, done. Valentine's day rolls around and she has a package for me, this was what she made for me. It really meant a lot that she had designed, planned and executed this (with my help) and I had no clue. It just really reminds me that sometimes we are so busy making things for everyone else to not forget each other.