Wire shapes for Valentine’s Day decor

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Decided to try making some wire formed Valentine’s Day decorations. Took my thrift store spool of wire and some pliers formed several simple shapes. The wire was pliable and it was easy to shape.

I made two heart shapes and sprayed the wire heart forms white. Wished to cover the shapes in vintage lace and or doilies. Initially tried modge podge attach lace to the wire form. It became a sticky mess. I don’t recommend this technique. Perhaps starch to stiffen the floppy lace and let it dry would be a better option.
The next morning - I used hot glue to completely attach the lace to the wire form again using the pink silicone fingertips. The fingertips are awesome for working with hot glue! Last apply some ribbons to help complete the look.
When making larger pieces on you can use several layers or strips of lace or doilies hot glued to make a patchwork to complete your project. 

The rectangular form with the swirly curly cues is intended to hold photographs. After shaping the form -which was done shaped around a photo frame for sizing and forming the corners—the swirly pieces of wire were placed to help attach something inside it. The wire form was spray-painted black. The black neutral color will make it useful year round -rather than on Valentine’s Day. In the example here I placed a vintage valentine postcard inside.

Lastly I did a heart form with the word love separately formed and attached inside. I spray painted this red. An added benefit this leaves an charming shadow.

Happy Valentines Day to you and yours!

Updated: made several more lacy wired heart forms, placed on mantle and windows.