First spray painted stencil with Blossom White Satin

Submitted to Community Chat

Decorative application to cutting board edge. 

Where are you @Chunky Mermaid?
Thank you for the suggestion - recommendation to try spray painted signage!

While this might not be an example of perfection, I am absolutely thrilled the way it came out.

I used the Oracal 651 here for the first time.
I wanted a stiffer sticker vinyl that would adhere well to the somewhat worn uneven slightly curved beveled and dry surface of this older thrift store or garage/estate sale find. It was a bear to remove that vinyl but results well worth it. I put three coats of matte sealer over for protection, being the side edge of the cutting board I really  don't have to worry about food contact.

Many thanks to you @Chunky Mermaid and @AmyTruemper for your helpful replies to my many...many Cricut questions.
I am getting there.......with the help of the replies, the direction you both gave me with all amazing cricut suggestions and tips.
Thanks a bunch!