Primed thrifted plaque to be reimagined - completed ✔️

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Push push push. Hopefully I can get it done.
Plate twirling a few projects at once—and just added another.

Gallery art show entries competed and submitted
Birthday T-shirts created —need to wrap all the gifts
Headband holder finishing stage-missing piece/finial caps- obtained +painted. Assembly next
Halloween banner cut out
Leafy garland supplemental additions need painting
Spooky exchange project needs to be decided and started
Uncrate display Halloween decor
paint wooden Hween pumpkins

Here we go…..Priming a wooden plaque to make a bookshelf sitting painting for my grandson’s third birthday. Need to finish before Saturday.⏰
The project will start and end with Rustoleum. Gator sander+ primer—-> 2X gloss sealer.

These easily found preowned already boxed-framed sturdy wooden plaques found at the thrift store can be refurbished.
Sanded ( love the GATOR block) and primed. They paint up nicely and make a safe touchable rather un-damagable shelf sitter art piece for a small child. ( He broke his tabletop ceramic lamp)

Knowing my some of my previous project posts——one might easily guess……. what it’s going to be.

Check back -looking at the tiles for updates to see if its a successful project …..👀

Edit 9/24 two day $1 quickie-painting project completed.
🦈 Check out that spectacular 2X glossy WET LOOK final finish top coat.🦈