Let it go…….pushed too far idk….final reveal

It’s always a personal dilemma to know when to stop project -or- how far to push it.

Found this inspirational project using a clip art image on a round.
I do love the idea of using glow in the dark paint, but the author does not seem to be satisfied with the results of her paint products glow feature.

After filling in my smaller sized thrifted farmhouse rounds ridges with Durhams water putty…… I decided to add additional texture all over the entire surface in attempt to create an uneven lunar surface with some mild simulated looking craters.
Then I primed …and painted the clip art moon features on the now textured round.
Used combination 2X spray primer paints Chalked and Testors matte.
It was finished BUT I was uncertain that this was enough……..

So since I was not convinced with outcome.…
Then decided further enhance ….try to mold the unique 3D facial features with some air dry clay and make a more pronounced 3 dimensional man in the moon face.
The whole project needed to be completely repainted.
Switched over to a combination of Testors matte and chalked paints with a watered down wash shadow application and finishing up with a clear coat matte sealer.

I am not really sure the extra applied dimensional effort -hard to capture in a photo- was a worthwhile endeavor but overall pleased with the outcome of the project.
The round had substantial weight/thickness and and could support the application of the clay and was able to host a “why not try something” experimental situation.

Planning some small hand formed crescent man-in-the-moon ornaments so this was a good intro ~ warm up practice session.

Another project off the to do list!