Plaster Egg Bowls

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These plaster Egg Bowls were a fun project to do, a bit messy but easy enough and it looks so impressive when done.

I used plaster sheets that I purchased at the craft store. One package was enough for 3 bowls. I used 3 layers to make sure the bowl would be sturdy enough. I cut squares, about 4" x 4", any bigger and they are too difficult to work with. The balloons are from the Dollar Tree. I used a band from a mason jar lid as the stand for each bowl so the balloon stays put while I was applying the plaster sheets. I filled a plastic measuring cup with warm water and dipped the plaster squares in, starting at the bottom of the balloon I started applying the wet squares overlapping as I went along, smoothing out the plaster. I added a little extra water if needed to smooth the square out. The plaster starts to dry fairly quickly, by the time I finished the first layer on the third balloon the first balloon was ready for the second layer. Once you have all the layers on allow to dry overnight. Once dry, pop the balloon. You can spray paint the outside of the bowl if you wish. With scissors cut along the top of the bowl so it looks like a cracked egg, you may have to apply some dabs of glue if some of the layers separate. Now it's time to paint the inside. I used Rust-oleum's metallic gold, 3 coats. I added deer moss to the inside of the egg and set this cute bunny and chick inside. You can also find ceramic bunnies at the Dollar Tree to add to the inside, you can paint them a metallic pearl color or leave plain. You can paint the canning band white so it matches the egg, it's a great stand for the egg. I love how this turned out, it's so unique, I want to make another one and use it as a planter for some spring bulbs, so pretty.