Recycle tip- broken glass ornaments

Submitted to Community Chat

If you see any inexpensive glass balls at resale as the example above or have broken ones from past years or this years set up- save them in a zipper bag. 

Remove the metal caps and loops.
Using a rolling pin or what I used- a xlg Rustoleum spray can —>the glass fragments can be finely crushed - rolled into the grit size of your preference and made into old fashion glass glitter.
I suggest possibly adding it to regular glitter for extra sparkle.
It can be modge podge sealed if any concerns with edges or sharpness or potentially used with embossing powder or resin projects.

It definitely has a different appearance than a commercial synthetic glitter.
Not recommended for crafting use with children or on children’s projects.
Glass glitter can be purchased online but what a nice thoughtful way to rescue - reuse a broken glass balls- if that should happen.