Do you have any spray painting tips and tricks to share?

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Would anyone care to share any personal spray painting: prep, application favorite products or projects or set up tips?

I always marvel with the creativity and professional projects fabricated and showcased here at the Creators Studio.

I feel like I have a lot to still learn regarding spray painting, are there any particular personal tips tricks that one might recommend or YouTube or blog pages that you might share?

Do you always spray outdoors? 

Have you ever used a spray tent? 

Whats your go-to for protecting your workspace-drop cloth or draping?

For me the colder seasonal temperatures have arrived and the window of opportunity for spray painting is closing - our basement is 100% finished and garage space has dedicated storage. Sadly, not sure theres any way to do winter spray painting projects.


My tips are

1-Wear PPE - Protective clothing to include a hat or buff, I found out having satin lagoon teal blue paint overspray in your hair- is not an easy (or fun) thing to remove.

2- Wear older rx eyeglasses (overspray)

3- Use the Comfort Grip ALWAYS. Theres no going back!

4-Prep and prime as needed for a professional finish. Follow all packaging instructions.

5- Sometimes I hang my item from tree branches with metal garden S hooks so I can walk around 360* to spray the item.

6-With my last spray painting project I did discover something new......a metal pallette knife is an awesome accessory to do pre-painting prep/to remove deteriorating chippy and flaked paint finishes. The metal knife that happened to be in the garage after the marbling project -easily slipped in the cracks to flick the paint off.....more readily than the wire brush or sandpaper attempts. I was able to shave off the bubbled paint edges with a scrapping motion using the knife. Putty knives are somewhat thicker- might work too. In the past with large outdoor metal railing we used a wire brush attachment on a cordless drill to remove the damaged flaky finish.

I sincerely welcome any advice and tips —you Studio Masters might share here to help me along in my educational adventures to boost skill and confidence and maybe less shy with bright colors. Thanks!