Brown kraft paper -stuffed heart garland- disappointing results

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Inspired by a Pinterest post trying to create my own puffy stuffed brown paper garland.

Mistake #1-was not using the dollar tree cut outs for stencils.
My attempts at making a transparency cut stencil from an SVG download didn’t give the bold graphic punch the project needed. The red doilies I used were too finely pierced to really show the spray painted stencil beneath.

Mistake #2- Second was the choice to use a fancy deckling scrapbooking scissor. It is hard to cut through the dried hot glue and brown paper with a  precision well defined cut with these specialty scalloped scissors.

I did learn —the pink dollar tree silicone finger cots were excellent for protecting the fingers while using hot glue.  They fit very well and I was even to wipe away excess hot glue while feeling some heat —but no burns - squeezing-pinching the back and front brown paper hearts together after stuffing. I do recommend giving them a try if you have normal size fingers.

Another learning experience.
It can brighten the basement fireplace while I contemplate further enhancements. It my need some white paint to be added to the pink hearts to unify the garland colors better. May embellish further possibly with glitter, ribbon or lace after some thought.

I would try this project again with a better stencil.
Maybe use red and white paint.
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