Grandson's Bedroom Makeover

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I built a vintage look "Airport Office"/bed for my grandson when he was 4 and loved everything about airplanes.  He finally came to me and said he was ready for something different and told me what features he would like - shelves for his hot wheels, a reading lamp, a place to set his cell phone and other things, an outlet with USB ports for charging his phone and using his computer in bed, some space underneath and a secret compartment hidden by a sign (I made the sign but "****  Zone" was his idea - used asterisks because the program won't allow me to spell that word).  And, since his desk had been inside his cabin bed, he needed a new desk.  I dismantled the cabin bed and  reused the wood for his new bed and desk, so my only costs were the outlet and the lamp and I still have a lot of wood left over for various other projects.  Yes, "Bear" still has a place on his bed (he has had it since he was 9 months old, he's 12 now), but he is put away when his friends come over.  When he is finally ready to let him go, we will have a "departure" ceremony (LOL).