Our first "real" work bench, built with help from a kit...

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Before we knew we could actually build a bench from scratch, I found a kit online; it included the 4 corner braces and the hardware; from that, we were able to figure out the wood requirements and measurements that we purchased locally... and we built it!  We remain proud parents!  Our bench is nearly 4' x 6'. The pic shows the top clamped on before we've finished.  Rut-ro..notice also the need to finish our basement... one day.

Since we've built this bench, we recognize that our next one will be all wood; no need for the kit.  Still, if it weren't for the kit, we may not have had our bench when we did.  We've used it over and over; it's so much better than working on the floor or the ground.

Our surface is plywood.  If anyone has an idea to protect the surface from use, please share.  I want to keep it nice!