Submitted to Community Café

We are taking the plunge into the Blogosphere.  Currently we have a rather less than impressive website, facebook page and social media presence.  We are just getting started and one of the things I love about my hobby is that it allows me to create something out of nothing and share how I accomplished the look or finish or even how we built something.  Right now I am pretty busy getting ready for a craft fair and building content posts for our new blog.  Any advice?  Especially around content and followers/readers.  I would also like to know how you go about the financial part of things.  You don't necessarily have to post on here, rather you could just send me a private message if you are more comfortable.  I feel like I am on the right track, but as with most things I can be pretty singular minded and think I have it all figured out when I don't!  Thanks for the help!