Trash to Treasure: A Rescued Bookcase!

Submitted to Community Chat

One of my goals this summer was to refinish and find a new purpose for an old brown wooden bookcase that been relegated to the garage a few years ago. I knew that my plan would involve Rust-Oleum's Painter's Touch spray paint, but I was at a loss for a color choice until I paid a visit to my local craft store. Brilliant Blue jumped out at me, and from there it was off to the races! I was able to find a vibrant geometric print fabric that was a perfect match for the paint, as well as some discounted furniture appliques that complemented the fabric's print. 

Painting the bookcase was a breeze, after cleaning (with Krud Kutter!) and sanding it and preparing my painting area with a tarp and newspapers. The Painter's Touch spray paint provided excellent coverage, including a poor little spider who made the mistake of dropping in on the painting party. 

Originally, I wanted to remove the back of the bookcase, cover the back with fabric, and then reattach the back to the newly painted bookcase for a pop of pattern on each shelf. Unfortunately, I learned while preparing the bookcase for painting that due to the bookcase's age and condition it would be nearly impossible to remove the back without ruining it. Instead, I picked up some plywood at the nearest home improvement store and had four pieces cut to size to fit the back of each shelf. While the bookcase's new paint job was drying, I used spray adhesive to attach fabric to each piece of plywood.

Finally, I inserted the plywood pieces into the appropriate sections of the bookcase and brought the finished piece upstairs to my home office. Success! Thanks as always to Rust-Oleum for saving the day!