I'm healing well, plus a Jack the snowbot update..

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Hey all! Carpal rebuild is healing very well, except for a lot of swelling. He said he expected that when he saw how bad it was. Not gonna lie, being one handed is being very hard on me. I won't have full use till probably mid February.

The good news is, my grandson now gets dropped off here every evening by the school bus and he hangs with me and helps me till his mom picks him up when she gets off work late. He is highly artistic, and some of the things he is working on for Jack is turning out nicely. I don't have pictures yet, because I can't hold my phone and take them with one hand. Some of the bodywork he has made using techniques I am teaching him from my teenage years helping my grandfather in his cabinet shop is turning out amazingly well.

Jack is about ready to push snow, and since they are calling for above average precipitation and below normal temps this year, I have a feeling he will be getting a lot of use.

I'm also really enjoying the time I get to spend with my grandson. So far I have taught him how to solder, how to form and bend wood, and soon will be airbrushing. 

As soon as it all comes together I will be posting lots of pictures and videos.