Second MIRACLE SEALANT project

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Using new products can be unpredictable and daunting, after wonderful results on my table top black slate lazy susan and coasters it was time to move onto bigger- my more permanently placed stone fireplace hearth.

Heres the synopsis 
1-Stone hearth was cleaned using MIRACLE SEALANT Ready to use Tile & Stone Cleaner. 
2- Taped off fireplace flat metal finished insert bottom edge and used PPE as label directs.
3- Application of MIRACLE SEALANT 511 Impregnator Sealer with paint pad. Solution is to remain on 3-5 minutes and then excess product is to be wiped off, I used a white washcloth.
4- A second application did not seem necessary but a small touch up with a small applicator was needed to the sheilded area where my blue masking tape was removed.
5- Allow 24-72 hours to fully cure. 

This sealer product is most definitely easy to use, it exceeded my every expectation.
It can we applied with brush, roller or paint pad. I found it not to have an offensive odor, which was a big concern with a wintertime indoor application. You can see the color change of the coating on the stone in the photo with the yellow arrow the sealer subtly enhanced and darkened the stone very slightly. That ( taped)  area missing the sealer was easily touched up.  
It has a perfect sheen- as I did not hope for a wet slick look.

Thank you Creators Studio for the opportunity to try this product to protect and enhance my stone hearth and table top Vermont slate pieces. This fireplace hearth application will be a blessing when its clean up time after a wood burning session making pesky ashy containment and clean up on sealed stone easy.
Theres probably enough sealant for a third project. 

5/20/19 update
I was using an eoth based spray to disinfect -some droplets were inadvertently splashed on the sealed hearth and the sealer was etched or eaten away. Note that sealers do protect but are penetrable.
Rather than strip and redo the project Im going to float some thinned washes to faux refinish.