Kitchen Sink Included

Submitted to Community Chat

I was last minute submitting my project for the Trash to Treasure challenge and it ended before I finished. My fault for waiting too long. So I’m posting it here so all the entrants can see what they would have lost to (hahaha). I see some great submissions. Good luck to all!

This was an old dry sink cabinet. I removed one door and used it inside to divide it into a pantry and oven. The other door I moved the hinges from the side to the bottom so it would open like an oven door. I cut out the middle of the door and added a thick plastic for a window. I used a picture frame to frame the window and keep it in place. I found a kids play sink so I cut a hole in the top to fit that in. The sink actually works! I cut and sewed a dish towel to make the curtain and a little dish towel. I used leftover Color Shift paint in Galaxy Blue inside the oven and for the range top to give it a sparkly blue/purple effect. I used shelf liner paper to give it a backsplash. Added control knobs and handle for the oven door. I cut the drawer to block the area with the sink and left a cubby hole. 

Products used:
Rustoleum Color Shift Galaxy Blue
Painters Touch Satin Seaside
Painters Touch Gloss Sun Yellow
Painters Touch Satin Canyon Black
Painters Touch Satin Blossom White
Stops Rust Crystal Clear Enamel