New Project House - Christmas Kitchen Makeover

Submitted to Community Chat

Hello! I was looking for a room to makeover and I found this. I'm hoping for one of the most dramatic room transformations as possible. I'm off to a good start because this is the BEFORE Picture. Note: I had a lovely background for the family Christmas photo before we began demo.

  • The candy cane wall paper is gone,
  • Celebrity red carpet is gone and replaced with a (neutral) vinyl tile,
  • Cabinets painted a pretty green color (opposite end of the Christmas spectrum),
  • and several other change made.

Still waiting for the red countertops to disappear. Also, there is a TILE landing at the bottom of the stairs that I'd like to PAINT AND I'D LIKE YOUR INPUT ON USING TILE PAINT (hint hint!!!). I look forward to sharing updates as I go.