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While I was thrifting last week I found these two new lamps for 9.99 a piece. Well you can imagine how quick those went into my cart. Normally I thrift for project pieces but that day I found the new lamps. So new in fact they still had tags on them and foam packaging remnants. I think it’s funny how somehow a name for going to Goodwill and the Salvation Army and any other resale shops became “Thrifting”. It’s popular now to go thrifting. In fact the family in front of me in line that day at Goodwill were discussing with the cashier how they had just up and decided to go “ thrifting” that day. So that being said it becomes harder and harder to find a project piece with so many people looking and buying. That’s great for the landfills, it’s wonderful we are reusing. It’s good there is a name for it now  “Thrifting”. I’ve been going to Goodwills and Salvation Army’s for years and years. When did it become “Thrifting”? I love it!!:)