Trio of Pinecone Christmas Trees

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Happy Holidays Everyone! Just wanted to share my recent little project. This year's Christmas color theme is shades of white with hints of forest green. I wanted to dress my mantel in trees this year. I had a bag filled with pinecones that I collected on a walk and wanted to create something but not another wreath (did I really say that? Lol). I like things in threes so I decided to make pinecone trees! I got 3 glass candle holders at the dollar store and 3 different sized styrofoam cones and spray painted them in Rust-Oleum chalk paint in linen white, my fav. Once dry I glued the cones onto the candle holders. I put the pinecones on a cookie sheet lined with parchment paper and baked them at 250 degrees for 90 minutes, this helps to open up the leaves of the pinecone. Once the pinecones are done baking use a pair of sharp scissors to snip off the leaves of the pinecones, you're going to need a lot of leaves, I think I used about 30 pinecones. Then I got glued each leaf to the styrofoam cone starting at the bottom. This part takes took hours. Once the pinecone leafs were all glued on I spray painted them twice, let dry, then brushed on mod podge and sprinkled fake snow on them. I love the simplicity of the trees and I think they are so unique looking. I love how they turned out and it cost about $10 to do, I hope you like them too.