Heart to Heart

Submitted to Community Chat

 I found a new large frame at a thrift shop, it was only $1.20 so I decided to put together a Valentines decoration.

First I primed the frame with 123 Zinsser primer and then followed with Deep sea Rustoleum craft paint and Silver testers enamel. Then I took the back board and glued  4 pieces of preprinted scrap booking paper on it. I took some trim I had in a drawer and glued in on the paper edges. I glued on the foam hearts I found for six for a dollar.Then I put the frame back together. I took the silver Testors enamel and a few craft paints and painted around the hearts on the outside of the glass.

I think it turned out pretty good and because of its size 38 by 14, it made a nice piece to hang on the hooks in the foyer.That was the first piece in my Valentines foyer. I added many things to finish it, most of the things I had just recently painted.