Ideas for Outdated, but not terrible cabinets

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Please share your ideas! I’ve been agonizing over this for 3 weeks and I’m stuck. I really need some fresh ideas and a creative jolt. Moving into a house and Thea are the kitchen cabinets. They are in great working order and not very worn despite their age (early 90s.)

I’d love some ideas from you all about what to do with them - including some thoughts on new knobs/handles Those ugly wood  knobs are on every single cabinet and drawer. 

Here’s what I know:

I don’t want to paint them - they are genuine cherry wood.

I don’t want to leave them as they are. I’m thinking a gel stain or a glaze, I’m not sure what color or technique to use though. I love greys and whites so I’m having a hard time envisioning what to do with these darker wood cabinets.


My style tends to be somewhere between rustic and industrial farmhouse, BUT I am not opposed to other ideas and styles -  the only style I really don’t like is ultra-modern - like black laquered surfaces - they just aren’t my thing.



The wall color doesn’t matter (it’s a horrendous deep orange color that will not be sticking around but it is painted over wallpaper so that is another post and discussion altogether!) I’m considering a shiplap in the eating area which is just off of and opens up directly into the kitchen. The floors are all hardwood that will be refinished. I want the cabinets to remain the star, but I find them boring and uninspiring as they are. 


Can’t wait to hear your ideas!!