What would you do to rehab this wooden divided bowl?

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I have had this wooden bowl for more than a year.
It was a $.99 goodwill find.
The original finish was an unattractive sloppy stained application-was very uneven an application and drippy in appearance.

I took the orbital sander to the outside and I’m seeing wood rings in the constructed fabrication.
I guess -if I care to remove the finish in the divided center of the bowl it will have to be hand sanded or chemically stripped?

What kind of finish would you apply to the bowl?
Would you strip it completely?

Choices, choices, painted,  stained, or do a combination of paint and stain? I’m not too sure what direction to go to. The wooden banded rings revealed with sanding have me stumped on how to proceed....

Sort of reluctant to attempt a complete hand sanding rehab on the inside due to my hands immobility post dominant hand surgery due to arthritis -one consideration that might hold me back from the completely stripped refinished choice.