🀯 Information Overload Day

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Do you have days when you feel like your brain might explode if it's exposed to one more piece of information? πŸ™ˆ πŸ™‰ πŸ™Š

You are not alone!

  • October 20 is Information Overload Day - created by analyst Jonathan Spira in 2009, when his research firm cited information overload as their “Problem of the Year”.

  • According to Encyclopedia.com, information overload has been defined as “excessive flows and amounts of data or information that can lead to detrimental, computational, physical, psychological, and social effects.” When a person is burdened with a large amount of information, it can affect their ability to process issues effectively

  • In the digital era, information is literally at everyone’s fingertips. The immense pressure to churn out new and exciting information, coupled with the vast number of media for its dissemination, is a major cause of information overload. The pressure to know and be known is something we all face on a daily basis. Information Overload Day is a reminder to disconnect and go back to basics.

In this community of 17,000+ creatives, there are bound to be some fantastic strategies for unplugging and checking out when access to information becomes too overwhelming! Please join us in the comments to share the ways that you cope with information overload.