Another iron in my fire

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Anyone that has seen some of my post know that I have as they say many irons in the fire, an to be honest I can't remember if I have mentioned this iron or not.  Recently, my son-in-law accepted a position in Arkansas which will reguire them to move from Missouri.  They were in the middle of a remodel so Dad got a call from his little girl asking, "Daddy can you come and help us finish the house so we can sell and move as quick as possible?"  Who can turn their baby down, boy am I a sucker including my wife , my daughters step-mother.  The sequence of events might not be as they should but due to commitments by my wife and myself, I went out, from Ohio, early March and finished installing the laminent floor and putting vynal tile in both bathrooms.  My wife is there now to help with some needed plastering patch work and painting.  When she gets back and my commitments here at home are finished I will return to do the trim work, baseboards, door & window casings and anything else that might need done.  Now to top it off I get a call from her today all excited and in a bit of a panic as she got two calls from the resumes she sent out wanting her there Thursday for interviews.  Actually the second call wanted her there tomorrow but she was able to postpone until Thursday.  Sounds great but the ringer is the three munchkins: a junior, a 7th grader, and a first grader with just under 8 weeks of school left and by the time my daughter does here interview, gets a job offer, and gives her current company a 2-week notice school will be down to 4 weeks or less.  For the older two to stay with grandmaw & grandpaw to finish the school year won't be a problem but the youngest already has a problem with dad being gone during the week and home on the weekend.  If the house dosen't sell immediately and school finishes a new problem arises as to who will maintain the lawn.  I am already having to hire a handyman to assist me with some minor projects at our rental property.  Does anyone know if Rust-Oleum has any thing for cloning, I need about two or three more of myself.  Almost forgot they need a new front proch/deck and steps leading down from the drive.