More and More Little Boxes, Little Boxes Made of (Not ticky-tacky) Repurposed Wood

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I actually like it when someone tells me what they need or let me know they want something. Especially if it is to support our school system where my Wife teaches. From her school Christmas Party, I got several requests. The “Christmas Party Production Requests” included several more “Little Wooden Boxes.” Most had no specific size requirements so they are made to “fit” the wood, which is all recovered / recycled / repurposed materials.

This production run was fourteen and several have already gone off to the receivers. While my Daughter was looking at the spares we got to talking and she needs a couple of specific sizes for her biology lab in her school. So more “work orders” on the table.

At my Wife’s School Christmas Party it came up that the Kindergarten (referred to as Kiddy Prison by me) would like eight boxes of some yet to be identified size to hold crayons. While I hate covering up the natural beauty of the grain, the request was for painted to match the eight colors of their crayon sets – to help sorting and help teach colors. (THANK GOD THEY DO NOT USE THE 128 CRAYON SET!!!) As I understand it they want the sizes to fit their book shelves or cubby holes so I am waiting for the sizes. And they want “color title” lettering on the boxes. Not a problem.

The adjustable book racks are occasionally shipped to friends. And these guys kind of fill some of the air in those packages.

The box joints are made with the Rockler Woodworking Box Joint Jig, which is pretty good. I have it mounted semi-permeant on one of my router stands.

Little boxes are great projects for the neighborhood kids who have made several in my workshop.

For some reason I never seem to have enough around when friends and family stop by.

All of the finishes on the boxes are “child safe” and for schools and my Church I provide the copy of the e-mail stating that the finish is child safe. I wish more manufacturers would state “child safe” in their packaging.