Here Come the Gnomes

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We went from 100 degree weather to the 60's and rain this weekend, so I decided to work on some of my gnome houses for the Gnome Garden.  I finished house number 1 and since the sun came out again today, placed it in the garden.

The garden consists of an area that is 3 feet wide and 50 feet long, so I am going to need a lot of houses and landscaping.  We poured cement to make a very long slab and then put decorative brick as edging.  I bought 3 green indoor/outdoor carpets and cut it them in half to cover the entire area.  The additional landscaping will go on top.  I started with the beach at one end (though I still need to make a beach house).

House number one was made using a plastic flower pot, a plastic plant saucer, and a cute little door I found at the 99 cent store.  I first cut holes in the sides for windows and glued some netting behind to resemble screens.  The door was glued on next - I had to cut a little section out of the bottom of the planter to make it fit.  I glued the saucer on the bottom (which now became the top) and glued plastic grass and flowers for a roof.  The plastic grass and flowers also came from the 99 cent store.

Once it was placed in the garden, I added landscaping (the 99 cent store had a variety of plastic grasses, leaves and flowers that came on a square of plastic-I just pulled them off and glued them individually). The patio area was edged with some very old screening spline that I had saved and then I added tiny green rocks from the dollar store.  Next came a path from the door to the patio and some sand (also from the dollar store).  

I'm working on several other houses, but I have a long way to go before the garden is complete.