Imagine iridescent clear

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New-to-me Imagine iridescent clear is wonderful exciting sparkly but transparent option as a seal coating to the backside of my painted ornaments. The hardest part is waiting for it to dry. It was used in an edge framed perimeter on the front face too.

Thanks for the introduction to this product in the blue and red color options. Glad I was able to find a can of the clear to try out.
Hint- for other uses users that received cans- I found that my Cricut stencils would not stick completely to cured paint. Customer support suggested applying a seal coat of 2X clear to the cured paint after 48 hours to ensure a better adhesion.

Question for the experts please.....I was told that I could use the Ultra Cover latex mixed with fabric medium to use for cloth applications. 
Can glitter paint also be used in fabric applications with fabric medium in examples that needs to be laundered?.

Glitter paints are absolutely fabulous as exciting new paint treatment for my holiday crafting routine.
Thanks Rustoleum!